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Ledge Ring Toss

Ledge Ring Toss

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Ring Toss is always fun, but we have added a ton of modern style to the
game! Created with our trademark high-quality construction and all-
weather durability, Ring Toss arrives ready to play with 3 ring stands, 12
ring toss rings, and a docking station for quick and easy clean-up. Ring
Toss the Ledge Lounger way is the perfect addition to game day for all
ages and any season.


Crafted of an extruded UV20 rated high-density
polyethylene resin, color stabilized for up to 20,000
hours of direct sunlight
UV stable, moisture and mildew resistant
Withstands outdoor environment without swelling,
splintering, fading or warping
Includes 3 ring stands, 12 rings and 1 docking station

Care & Cleaning Instructions 

  • Always use a soft bristle brush or cloth when cleaning. 
  • For routine cleaning, just use water. 
  • Remove calcium buildup with a calcium removal product.
  • For a deeper clean, use a mild household cleaner and eraser sponge.

Manufacturer's Warranty


Products shall be free from material defects, and shall not splinter, crack, chip, peel, or rot for ten (10) years for residential use and two (2) years for commercial use from the date of purchase.


Warranted to perform as required for five (5) years for residential use and one (1) year for commercial use from the date of purchase.

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