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Laze Pillows Pistachio Palms

Laze Pillows Pistachio Palms

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Laze Pillows Pistachio Palms


Getting the best of both worlds in your backyard is now a breeze. With our one-of-a-kind floating pool pillow, you can skip the hassle of an inflatable cushion and relax anywhere your like. Just unbox this floating pool cushion and laze for days.

Make more memorable moments while laze-ing around the yard. Whether floating in the pool or spending quality time with family on the lawn, the Laze Pillow provides the top quality comfort you need to fully enjoy those outdoor moments.

Grab your favorite look for the season and switch it out whenever you want a change. This floating pillow has multiple patterns to choose from, you’re bound to find the style that suits you and your outdoor space.


The Laze Pillow is crafted from Ledge Lounger exclusive marine grade fabrics, guaranteed to withstand sunny days in any environment – from poolside to lakeside, even beachside. This pool pillow float is made from the strongest mold, mildew, and fade-resistant materials, so you can trust it to hold up against the elements through all of your pool parties, beach trips, and relaxing days on the lawn.

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Features a breathable mesh with our EZ-Dri and EZ-Clean technology to prevent deterioration and simplify care.
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Designed for in-pool and outdoor use so you can choose wherever you want to spend your laze-y days.


Your time is too valuable to be spent on non-stop care and maintenance. That’s why your Laze Pillow is made of easy-to-clean, high-quality materials that not only withstand the elements, but everyday wear and tear too. Sip an afternoon drink without a worry, as the Laze Pillow handles life’s everyday events with ultimate durability.
Simple messes can be wiped away with water. Or just throw the bag’s outer layer in the washing machine and air dry.
Tough against stains. All Laze patterns are bleach safe, so you can clean up quickly and get back to enjoying the moments that really matter. 


Arrives to you already assembled- just unbox and laze.

There’s no need to spend time inflating this pool pillow float. Just toss the Laze Pillow into the pool and jump right into relaxation. Your floating pool pillow is filled with buoyant beads inside a layer of breathable mesh that absorbs the impact of water and allows you a carefree experience.

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To store, we recommend letting the water drain from the pillow’s grommets as you pull it out of the pool, then hang it on a fence or chair overnight.
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As long as it’s dry, this modern floating pool cushion can be stored on a flat surface or hung for an extended period of time.


  • Overall Length68 in | 173 cm
  • Overall Width44 in | 112 cm
  • Overall Height10 in | 22 cm
  • Weight Capacity400 lbs | 181 kg

Laze Pillows must be removed from the pool after use to maintain warranty.
One (1) year warranty on manufacturer defects. Normal wear and tear is not warranted. Fabric light fastness, zippers, seams, and grommets warranted for one year.




Always use a soft terry cloth for cleaning the fabric on your Ledge Lounger fabric products, and always wipe in small circular motions. 

Start by brushing off any loose dirt. For general cleaning, just use water. For a deeper clean or spot cleaning, use a mix of mild detergent and water. 

Apply to the spot, then wipe in small circular motions with a dry terry cloth. Repeat until desired cleanliness is achieved. The fabric used on Ledge Lounger products is high quality, outdoor fabric. It is designed for use in an aquatic environment and okay to get wet. 

However, it is not recommended that your fabrics be submerged for an extended period of time. If you submerge your products, allow them to air dry completely, immediately after use.

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