Collection: LuxCraft

Founded in 1990, LuxCraft began as a small business in the corner of a barn, exclusively manufacturing outdoor wood furniture. In the years that followed, as LuxCraft’s product line expanded to include outdoor structures and poly furniture, their facilities grew accordingly. Flash forward to present day and you’ll find their product being made in a 56,000 square foot shop before being distributed to hundreds of dealers throughout the US and Canada.

So what distinguishes LuxCraft from other outdoor product manufacturers? Their first priority is quality, and all furniture and structures are built to last. With 120,000 square feet of warehouse space, we stock over 30,000 items for immediate pick-up or shipment year round. What’s more, LuxCraft poly furniture comes with a residential lifetime limited warranty or commercial 5-year limited warranty.

Though LuxCraft is now operating on a much larger scale, employing 63 people instead of two, their core values remain the same. Each transaction is handled with integrity and focus on customer service. They build their products with emphasis on durability and longevity, then price it accordingly. Best of all, LuxCraft products are made right here in America (Ohio to be exact) so by buying our products you’re not only improving your outdoor space, but boosting the economy as well.